Rubbish and human waste disgust neighbour

APOLLO BAY’S Barb Henrikson is disgusted with tourists’ “lack of respect” for Marriners Lookout, which was a gift from her parents.

Norm and Glad Henrikson donated the lookout and track to the former Otway Shire Council more than 40 years ago.

The Henrikson family gave Marriners Lookout to the former Otway Shire Council for tourists to experience a unique view of Apollo Bay, and Barb Henrickson wants visitors to respect the area.

But Ms Henrikson, who inherited the family property surrounding the lookout, said visitors’ mess and disrespect for the area was “getting worse every year” and each summer was harder to endure than the last.

She said Colac Otway Shire Council had put a small “no camping” sign and small “no littering” sign at the lookout but visitors ignored both.

“I wanted a big littering sign with penalties on it because people leave rubbish everywhere; even a disposable nappy in the middle of the road one day,” Mrs Henrikson said.

“We did ask for a bin but the council didn’t want to put one there; and even if they did I don’t think people would use it.

“People trespass, they open gates, pick flowers in my garden and some hooligans took a roll of barbed wire from my paddock and rolled it down the road.”

Ms Henrikson said there were no toilets at the lookout but people camped or slept in their cars and “did their business on the ground” at the lookout near her house.

“I really detest January here and it hurts me because Mum and Dad gave it to

the shire for tourists but they would turn over in their graves if they could see the way people are now,” she said.

“I think people are different now; it’s a hedonistic society and no-one seems to care.

“It’s beautiful here and Mum believed the view should be there for everyone to share but I regret the land was ever given to the shire.”

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