Man caught checking burnt drugs

POLICE have caught a Colac man allegedly checking on his marijuana crop after it burnt in a Colac district bushfire.

Detectives said they had initially suspected the man of arson after people reported him acting suspiciously near the scene of this week’s bushfires at Irrewillipe, south-west of Colac.

Detective Senior Constable Stuart Sims of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said the unconventional arrest showed how important it was to report suspicious behaviour.

“He was seen hanging around there a few times and people thought it wasn’t quite right,” Det Sims said.

“But it turned out that he was going to the scene because he wanted to make sure his crop was okay, he returned twice on the following day as well,” he said.

“He had a small crop in the bush so we seized the plants and charged him.”

He said police did not suspect the man of lighting the fires.

“It was a pretty stupid thing for him to be doing but we don’t believe he was responsible for the fire,” Det Sims said.

The man told police he had feared the fire would destroy his crop, after previously losing his cannabis plants to kangaroos.

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