Longer netball games next season

IRREWARRA-BEEAC netball club has helped lead a push to increase the length of Colac district netball quarters.

The Colac District Football League Netball Association will change quarter lengths from 12 to 15 minutes in the upcoming season after unanimous agreement from Colac district clubs.

Former Irrewarra-Beeac netball president Lorraine Rodger said 15-minute quarters would match what surrounding netball leagues already had in place.

She said Colac district’s teams, which competed at the Western Region State League, would benefit from the change.

“We wanted to get in line with the rest of the competitions around with Hampden, Geelong, and Warrnambool district – all the other competitions play 15 minutes,” Mrs Rodger said.

“Also we play 15 minutes at the Western Region and you could always notice around that 12-minute mark that they started to slump,” she said.

Mrs Rodger said the move would have long-term benefits for players’ fitness and help improve performance at representative netball tournaments.

CDFLNA secretary Val Russell said the association was happy to accommodate the time-change request.

“Because it’s going that way there will be a longer break at half time, from three to five minutes, and a longer break at quarter time, from one to three minutes,” she said.

“It makes no difference from our point of view, they will finish a bit later and have to make sure they fit everything in.”

Saturday morning games now on Friday nights

FRIDAY night games are a reality for a Colac netball association.

The Colac District Netball Association will move all games from Saturday morning to Friday night for this year’s season.

Competition for players with other Colac district netball leagues helped spark the move after the CDNA successfully trialled Friday night games last year.

CDNA president Helen Pearce said the demands of netball commitments for families were a major factor in the innovative idea.

“Because families are tied up with the CDFL and Colac, that takes up their time on a Saturday,” she said.

“The way it was on a Saturday, just one of the parents would be there where the rest of the family had to follow the CDFL.

“This can allow the younger family members to begin their netball career.”

Pearce said lights and a court resurface at Eastern Reserve helped pave the way for the Friday night fixtures.

“We could have more helpers, more umpires and because we’ve got the new lights at Eastern Reserve, that

allows for the games on a Friday night,” she said.

“They’ve had the big refurbishment there with the new surface and the lights.”

Officials will release CDNA fixtures after a meeting in the next couple of weeks.

Pearce said CDNA clubs were excited about the changes and an influx of new players and teams might delay the final draw’s release.

“We had positive feedback from it and we gave all the clubs a warning that we were going to discuss it at the main meeting,” she said.

“It might be a longer process now that we have to factor in how many teams we might have.”

Pearce said she hoped Friday night matches would have long-term benefits for Colac’s junior netball.

“It’s a combination to try and allow more of the children to play and it might suit better for more families to get involved,” she said.

“We are just giving it a trial for this year and we’ll see how it goes.”

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