Huge pothole causes traffic danger

A SIMPSON man is angry the safety of Colac district motorists and tourists has been at risk during the peak-accident Christmas period.

David Spokes travels regularly on Irrewillipe Road between Simpson and Colac and reported two “giant potholes” in the middle of the busy tourist road in November.

VicRoads “expects” to repair the road by January 20.

Simpson’s David Spokes contacted the Colac Herald this week to warn motorists of the dangerous conditions along Irrewillipe Road.

But Mr Spokes said the road authority’s response time and temporary 40-kilometre-zone signs on the roadside were “not good enough”.

Mr Spokes said he went to the Colac Otway Shire Council office in Colac around November 22 to report two sections of road and a council officer contacted VicRoads.

David Spokes

“And VicRoads still haven’t done anything about the one near the Irrewillipe footy ground or the other one further out; and that one’s worse,” he said.

“With all this traffic on the road, especially the tourists heading to Port Campbell who don’t know the road anyway, it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Mr Spokes said drivers did not see the potholes until they hit the pothole and the 40km signs failed to tell motorists what was ahead.

“You’ve already hit the potholes before you know and you watch a trailer or caravan hit the spot even if they have slowed down and they are thrown around,” Mr Spokes said.

“It’s dangerous.”

A council spokeswoman confirmed concerned road users had “made several complaints” to the council since Mr Spokes’ initial report in November.

“Reception staff contacted VicRoads immediately after Mr Spokes visited the council’s Colac office and council has contacted VicRoads again since then.”

VicRoads acting regional director Scott Lawrence said VicRoads surveillance officers inspected the road “to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate works required”.

“Works to repair the damaged section of asphalt in the vicinity of the football ground are scheduled to commence in the week starting Monday January 16 and are expected to be complete by Friday January 20, 2012,” Mr Lawrence said.

“Signs are in place alerting motorists to the changed traffic conditions and advising them to slow down and drive with caution.

“VicRoads would like to thank the community for their patience during these works and asks that motorists watch for changed traffic conditions and obey roadwork speed limits.”

2 Responses to “Huge pothole causes traffic danger”

  1. Faye

    I went to Simpson Speedway the other night and didn’t know the pothole was there until it was too late. It is very dangerous and there weren’t any visible signs heading towards Simpson but I saw one on the way back.

  2. ben anderson

    The whole section of road is a disgrace, the only fwd bitumen road ive driven on, all the way too Pt Campbell.