Free campground’s popularity grows

LAKE Colac’s rising water level is encouraging tourists to flood back to a lakeside campground.

Altona Meadows couple Jane and Eddie Vella have returned to holiday at Meredith Park, on the north-east shore of the lake near Ondit, after three years away.

They have spent their Colac holiday resting, fishing and visiting shops in the area.

Colac district’s Meredith Park campground is proving popular this summer. From left, Altona Meadows’ Jane and Eddie Vella, and Paul and Mary Dickinson made the most of the sunshine at the free campground, near Ondit.

“It’s our first year back after the drought,” Mrs Vella said.

“My son used to come just for a drive and he said ‘there’s water in the lake, Mum’.

“I came with my husband and the kids – and the kids have now gone back to work – and there were 10 of us here on New Year’s Eve.”

Mrs Vella said she had hoped for a wider variety of fish in the lake, but she appreciated the park’s upgraded picnic tables.

She said the park was full of campers over the New Year’s break.

“It was chockas at New Year; plenty of people,” she said.

Fellow campers Paul and Mary Dickinson met the Vellas at Meredith Park this week and discovered they were from the same suburb.

Mrs Dickinson said she and her husband had become regulars at the park since their first visit about two years ago.

“It’s nice to see the ducks and birdlife,” she said.

“It’s peaceful, it’s restful, that’s why I come here.”

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