Fitness career might help on-court role

Kooka Hamish Gleeson has stepped up his fitness in his second year in the Country Basketball League.

COLAC Kooka Hamish Gleeson hopes a career in the fitness industry will help him improve on the basketball court.

The teenage guard is one of seven Kookas enjoying their second season in the Country Basketball League.

Like teammate Shaun Dell, Gleeson had to balance basketball commitments with Year 12 studies last year and has begun his pursuit of a career in fitness in 2012.

The former Trinity College student completed a certificate four in fitness and has turned his attention to obtaining his diploma at the Victorian Institute of Fitness.

“I’m working at Bluewater Fitness Centre as well, hoping to pick up a couple of PT gigs,” he said.

“Fitness has always been pretty important to playing at CBL level, it’s played at such a high intensity, you’re always sprinting and running hard whereas in the local comp you can sort of cruise around a bit and relax.

“Playing with the Kookas has been really good this year, I’m learning a lot from playing alongside some better players.”

Colac coach Justin Williamson said Gleeson’s defensive pressure was a catalyst in the Kookas’ round eight win against Horsham, and could come in handy against the Hornets when the teams meet again tomorrow night.

“For the amount of time Hamish is on the court he’s just fully intense, his defence is just flat out,” Williamson said.

“He’ll buzz around just trying to annoy the guy with the ball and that’s the intensity we want from everyone,” he said.

Gleeson said he hoped for victory against Horsham in tomorrow’s match at Bluewater Fitness Centre – the Kookas’ last home game of the season – but was wary of the winless Hornets.

“You never know what Horsham could bring, they’re playing for pride now,” he said.

“We’ve just got to keep playing our systems and push for a spot in finals.”

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