Fans make pilgrimage to Elvis festival

Colac music fans, from left, Glenys McNabb, Stan Kluzec, Marlene Kluzec and Graeme McNabb attended an Elvis Presley festival.

FOUR Colac Elvis Presley fans have made a pilgrimage to a festival dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll.

Colac’s Glenys and Graeme McNabb and Marlene and Stan Kluzec rode their motorcycles 900 kilometres north to the Parkes Elvis Festival in New South Wales.

The festival celebrated Elvis’s 77th birthday and attracted about 13,000 people.

Mrs Kluzec said the festival was a drawcard for Elvis fans across the country.

“I heard about the festival a few years ago and we decided this was the year we’d make the trip, and it was definitely worth it,” Mrs Kluzec said.

“The atmosphere there was fantastic, a lot of people dressed up so there were fat Elvises, skinny Elvises, baby Elvises, you name it,” she said.

“There was rock and roll music everywhere and people were dancing, I’d recommend people go up and have a look for themselves.”

Mrs McNabb said the festival provided a perfect opportunity to enjoy the motorcycle journey and soak up the atmosphere at Parkes.

“It was incredible, there were great tribute acts and even a look-alike competition – the Priscilla Presley impersonator looked just like her,” Mrs McNabb said.

Mrs Kluzec said she’d love to see Colac and district host a similar festival.

“These smaller towns get a lot of attention from these festivals and people come from all over the place,” she said.

“I think they should have a Michael Jackson one in Colac, that’d be great.”

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