Big hair, short shorts in all-star match

Matt Williamson, decked out in an afro wig, tight shorts and Converse boots, gave the all-star match a 1970s' feel.

BIG HAIR and short shorts combined with top-rate transitions and two slam dunks to ensure an entertaining Colac all-star basketball match.

Basketball officials are finalising a donation of close to $2000 for Cororooke’s Delorenzo family and the Daniel Reddie Foundation after the second annual fundraising match.

The best Colac hoopsters took to the Bluewater Fitness Centre show court on Wednesday and delivered a high-quality spectacle laced with light-hearted moments.

Justin Williamson and Kevin Hinge netted 15 points each as East defeated West 60-48, but the result was far from the highlight of the evening.

That honour fell to more-than-200-centimetre teenager Nathan Lemke, 20 points, who executed two dunks as the final seconds ticked away.

The sublime demonstrations of skill followed a comedic beginning to the second half thanks to West player Matt Williamson.

Williamson sparked laughs by introducing to the court his creation, 1970s basketballer Tyrone Biggles, who played with an afro, tight shorts and a healthy dose of flair.

Shaun Dell leaps high to complete a lay-up during the Colac all-star charity match.

Colac Kooka Marcus Larcombe had earlier dominated the curtain-raising three-point shoot-out, while the Colac Kookas’ under-12 girls’ side took to the court at half time.

Organiser Pete Williamson said between 80 and 100 people were courtside for the match, down from the 140 who attended the inaugural event last year.

He said the match was entertaining and serious.

“It wasn’t as serious this year, but we had better-quality teams – it was still serious and the defence was good but it was a bit more laid back,” he said.

“We still wanted it to be semi-serious to put on a show and showcase the most talented Colac basketballers.”

Matt Williamson said going retro in the second half was an idea which came up at Colac Kookas training earlier in the week.

“I just grabbed a few bits and pieces from home. It was just for a bit of fun to get the crowd into it,” he said.

“I suppose it got a few cheers from the crowd. I’ve asked a few people and they said the crowd was having a laugh. That was the main idea.”

Organisers will plan and promote the 2013 all-star match earlier to ensure a larger crowd. The event could remain on Australia Day eve.

“We’ll maybe try and get a couple of AFL footballers involved to bring the crowds and get the kids in,” Pete Williamson said.

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