Lake Colac bypass route still in consideration

A HEAVY vehicle route across Lake Colac is still on the cards despite concerns it could cost too much.

A Colac Otway Shire Council community reference group has narrowed down a list of potential heavy vehicle routes through Colac to 10.

The group aims to divert trucks away from Colac’s Murray Street.

A reference group is investigating 10 potential heavy vehicle routes to take pressure off Colac’s Murray Street.

Council chief executive officer Rob Small said the council’s consultants would shortlist three routes for more investigation.

“We’re looking at 10 options, some of which don’t look all that viable but I think we need to go through that evaluation process,” Mr Small said.

“One across the lake is still being examined,” he said.

“But my understanding is that is likely to be too expensive.”

Mr Small said consultants had also considered using Forest Street to direct trucks to a road in Colac’s south, such as Hearn Street.

He said he expected the consultant’s findings to be controversial.

“We need to make decisions that are sensible, in the interests of the community and really don’t provide any negatives for the community,” he said.

“There’s still a long way to go in terms of community consultation. Someone will always be upset by those proposals.

“But councils in the past have deferred this for too long – all that everyone agrees on is this just gets harder and harder.”

One Response to “Lake Colac bypass route still in consideration”

  1. Bill

    Consultants! Unbelievable that council would let outsiders create the short list, and then probably let locals, the voters pick from a bad bunch. Why isn’t council publishing the ten routes as already identified rather than leave that up to “consultants” ? One really has to wonder how they think they are involving the public when the only two routes the Herald mentions are a bridge over the lake or down Hearn Street past the pool and school zones. The first would be hellishly expensive, the second destroy the “Beechy zone” council had other consultants rave about.

    Let’s not have another Library fiasco. Involve the community early, not once the plans have already been set.

    Oh, and for the record, along the railway line still looks like the best option from any aerial view and will have the minimal disruption to schools, shops, communities and the people that actually live here.