Council too busy to help crime campaign

COLAC Otway Shire Council says it was too busy to complete a drug and crime prevention survey for a parliamentary inquiry.

In a letter to the Colac Herald, Member for Western Victoria Simon Ramsay said the Colac council was the only council which failed to respond to an Australian Institute of Criminology survey for the Joint Parliamentary Drugs and Crime Prevention Committee.

Mr Ramsay is the committee chairman.

Mr Ramsay said the committee was investigating “locally based community safety programs” for crime prevention.

“The committee can only assume that locally based approaches to crime prevention in the Colac region are running that successfully that the Colac Otway council didn’t see fit to respond, or that crime prevention or safety was not a priority for the council,” he said.

Council chief executive officer Rob Small said the council received “hundreds” of surveys a year.

“Unfortunately due to our busy work program, we did not get a chance to complete this particular survey prior to its closing date,” Mr Small said.

“Colac Otway Shire Council would still be happy to complete the survey if Mr Ramsay wishes us to,” he said.

Mr Small said crime prevention and community safety was a council priority.

“This Council is involved in and supports many groups dedicated to creating a safer community including the Colac Liquor Licensing Accord, neighbourhood action groups, Community Hub Inc and neighbourhood houses,” he said.

“We have a close relationship with Colac police, which is the primary local agency responsible for community safety and crime prevention, and we also work closely with Colac Area Health.”

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