Riders crash event website

A rush of mountain bikers have overwhelmed a Forrest Festival website.

MORE than 1000 riders flocked to enter a new Forrest mountain bike festival and crashed the event’s website in the process.

Forrest Festival organiser Norm Douglas said the event received an overwhelming response after entries opened.

“At 12 o’clock, I could see people start to connect – we had about 1000 connections in the first minute which pushed the server over the top and it crashed,” Douglas said this week.

“I knew it was going to be popular, I thought it might sell out maybe after two days but not like this, this is just ridiculous, totally ridiculous,” he said.

The race will be on November 26 in place of an annual Jeep 24-hour race and will focus on the town’s centre, featuring stalls and other entertainment.

As for the competitive side, the event has four sections including uphills and downhills on the Saturday and the major cross-country event on the Sunday.

It was a surprising response for the new festival, which Douglas said he had mainly advertised through word of mouth.

And after staggering entries, Douglas expected the 300 places to fill quickly.

“People love Forrest, it’s the type of event that a lot of people are going to like,” he said.

“The problem is accommodating them all, people would have to stay overnight, and in the first year I think we’ve done the right thing by limiting entries.

“We’re not about getting as many entrants as we can, we want to make it an awesome event.”

In other news, Douglas said the event’s committee was still chasing potential stall holders.

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